The ride


‘Up and down, up and down. No, no, no! It should be round and round, round and round. Use your entire leg muscle group to turn that pedal.’

Most of the time I am focused on a podcast while I ride, however during extended periods of an exerted effort, self talk takes over.’

‘No way is that guys faster than me, catch him! Pass him! What HR zone are you in? Can you sustain this pace?’

‘Go, go, go, keep up, keep up! Come on man you can do this. My HR is peaking, just a little longer, come on man, come on! And. I’m. Done. Wow, they were quick.’

Other times when I’m cruising and the podcast is a little lackluster or it’s an extra windy day, my mind wonders.

‘I should start a creative agency. I could cover the photography and event management aspect. I’d definitely want to have a studio that would double as an event space. I would need to find a graphic designer and possibly stylist. Boom. Boom creative, great name, I hope it’s not in use. It’s so me as well. BOOM! Stop and write it down so you don’t forget’.

I have an evernote doc just for my riding thoughts. Quite often I have my best ideas when I’m on my bike. This can prove to be tiresome if I’m constantly stopping and starting to take down notes. All momentum lost. But this only happens when I have an abundance of momentum.

Boom creative was in use and I was devastated.


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