I like the visual aspect of this billboard. How there is basically an Ice Break billboard done up as a drag car, ripping a burnout in a drag race track. With the text stating ‘add a motor to your day’. The colours complement each other, and there is just enough in the background with the chairs and the small divider in front of the ‘car’ to tell you where the location is. A simple idea that in my opinion has worked well.20121028_1764_1

The main aspect of this advertisement is the humour behind it, taking the mickey out of all the ladies wearing their fascinators at the races. There is contrasting colour between two of the helmets and the heads are placed on the top third line (leaving two of the three focal points on intersecting lines of the rule of thirds). The lettering is bold and to the point, playing continuing on with the long running ‘these pure waters just make everything better’ campaign).
20121028_1765 The text of this billboard takes some interpretation; ‘best mixed with short shorts’ suggests to me they are using the warm weather as a sales point, advertising the drink as a refreshing hot weather spring/summer drink. Obviously using some sex to sell the point as well. The red and green colours contrast with a complementary yellow background to set off the colours. The lettering is bold and stands out and captures your focus instantly.


The solid black of this billboard makes it really noticeable on this building, it also helps the green bottle to really pop out (even more then it already is). The bottle hanging off the billboard gives it shape and makes it an eye catcher. The text is short and effective; perfect for a passenger in the car or someone sitting at the lights to read. The ‘cloudy apple’ text is the last place my eye is drawn to, perhaps causing by passers to miss exactly what is being advertised.


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